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Co-working Package


Our Co-working Space is fully-equipped for your working needs.

Benefits of Lionsworld Co-working Space

Networking Opportunities

We have clients ranging from students to entreprenuers! Our collaborative environment enables our clients to interact and network.

Boost Productivity

Our co-working Space provides  a conducive environment which allows you to focus on your work, boosting productivity.

Access to Amenities

Our space is fully equipped with high speed internet, charging ports and ergonomic furniture for you to work in.

Cost Effective

Co-working spaces may be an affordable alternative to traditional office spaces, allowing your business to save on office rentals. 

Change of Environment

Our workspace boasts of a beautiful view of Singapore’s skyline. Come get a change of environment at our co-working space.

Flexible Hours

Our co-working space is accessible 24/7 via face recognition locks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-working Space

Nope! There is no minimum lease period to use our co-working space. We have monthly (S$95/Month) & daily (S$10/day) usage options available.