Why business centres are the ideal solution for startups and small businesses

A huge headache for start-ups is finding a suitable office space that will not impose a financial burden on their budding business. This is where Business Centres come in, and there are several compelling reasons as to why Business Centres are presenting itself as the ideal solution for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, or even freelancers.


If you happen to be tardy in catching up with prevailing trends of Business Centres, fret not – we are here to keep you up-to-date.  Read on as we go into the topic of co-working spaces and serviced offices in Singapore, and how it can help you save costs.

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1. What is a business centre?


A business centre is a physical location that provides office solutions for all types of entrepreneurs and organisations. 


Some common facilities that most Business Centre provides:


  • High speed internet

  • Printing services

  • Mail Handling Services

  • Meeting and conference rooms 

  • Charging points

  • Reception services

  • Storage spaces such as lockers 

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2. Advantages of a business centers

Enhance your productivity through strategic time management techniques. There are a few techniques that you can use such as the Pomodoro Technique, whereby you engage in 25-minute focused work intervals followed by a 5-minute break to sustain concentration and prevent burnout.


Office property costs are an expense not all start-ups can afford. Most business centres present their services in packages, which cover work essentials such as office furniture, utilities and high speed internet. This allows start-ups to avoid office set-up related costs such as renovation or furniture.

Network opportunities

Forging and fostering new relationships by networking is a pivotal role of being an aspiring entrepreneur. The shared spaces, business community and diverse tenant base that comes with a Business Centre provides networking opportunities for you. Business Centres foster networking through shared environments and diverse tenant communities, often hosting events

Focus on core activities

The packages which business centres often offer facilities management and administrative support. This will save you both time and effort on tasks such as cleaning, repairs, collecting mails and answering spam calls. Having professional support can lift the weight of non-core activities.

In conclusion, Business Centres offer an ideal solution to the challenge of finding affordable office spaces for startups and small businesses. These centres provide fully equipped workspaces with flexible leasing options, reducing the financial burden associated with traditional setups and its cost-effectiveness – allowing startups to allocate resources to growth instead of setup expenses